20 Tips for Increasing Your Website Visibility

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These are 20 tips to increase your blog’s visibility.

  1. Keep it simple.  Focus on the facts and a few eye catching elements.
  2. Always think of your visitors when building your site.
  3. Create solid Meta Tags and limit how much you repeat words in your Keyword Meta Tag.
  4. Use important keywords in your headers.
  5. Make small changes on each page every few months to keep the content fresh.
  6. Make sure your content has value.
  7. Avoid distracting elements such as scrolling text, animated GIFs, or sound.
  8. Avoid pop-ups.
  9. Keep backgrounds simple and if you really want to use an image, consider fading it so it is more of a watermark.
  10. Think about how you want to organize your site and what will make sense to your visitors.
  11. Minimize the number of clicks required to get information.
  12. Avoid scrolling if at all possible.
  13. Make sure your images are web optimized.
  14. Limit lines of text to about 600 pixels wide so they are easier to read.
  15. Use a spell checker.
  16. Save the underlining for links.
  17. Put your contact information on every page.
  18. The best domain matches your business name and ends in .com.
  19. Add alt text to all images.
  20. Brand your site to match all other marketing materials.
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