3 Lists to Freedom by Chris Drucker

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What is the 3 Lists to Freedom Concept?

Time is your most valuable resource, and if you want to spend more time doing the work that you love you have to learn how to delegate. Chris Drucker has an effective method for this called the 3 Lists to Freedom.

Good News for Entrepreneurs

Using the 3 Lists to Freedom technique can help you, as the business owner, regain control of your time. If there are tasks that someone else could accomplish, you can spend more time focusing on doing what you love and making strategic plans and decisions rather than being in the weeds. Chris Drucker calls this being “trapped working IN your business, instead of ON it.”

The 3 Lists to Freedom

1. Things You Hate Doing

Things that you don’t like doing so much that you put them off for as long as possible. Some examples are:

  • Web design
  • Social media management
  • Answering customer service emails or basic info queries

2. Things You Can’t Do Yourself

Chris warns against falling victim to ‘superhero syndrome’ by trying to do everything on your own, even things you’re not qualified to do. Most times, it’s more cost and time effective to outsource anything outside of your area of expertise.

3. Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing

You’re going to have to think a little bit about this one. It may even include tasks you enjoy doing, but as the boss, you really shouldn’t be doing.

Now What?

Now that you’ve developed your own 3 Lists to Freedom, and narrowed down some tasks to delegate, it’s time to start looking for a virtual assistant! A VA can help you with all of those extraneous tasks that are taking your attention away from the big picture and will make running your business much more enjoyable.