34 Easy Tips to Increase Your Productivity

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When you boost your productivity, not only do you get more work done, but you can also do it quicker, freeing up more time for you to do the things you really want to do! Try these tips to help you take control of your day and accomplish more:

  1. Set a goal for each day
  2. Make a schedule – with deadlines – for your tasks
  3. Keep a daily to-do list. Cross off tasks as they’re completed
  4. If a task doesn’t really need to be done, just get rid of it altogether
  5. Batch similar tasks together
  6. Learn to say no to requests for tasks that would impede your priorities
  7. Delegate some of your work
  8. Do the unpleasant items quickly and as early in the day as possible
  9. Slow down. Rushing causes mistakes and actually slows your productivity
  10. Leave only icons for work programs on your computer desktop
  11. Avoid social networking sites during work hours, unless you use them for work
  12. Color-code your paper files and folders
  13. Take a 2-5 minute “micro nap.” Rest your head and close your eyes
  14. Organize your electronic files and folders so you know where everything is
  15. Use keyboard shortcuts whenever you can
  16. Schedule your most critical tasks for your most effective time of the day
  17. Communicate clearly with clients, bosses, and colleagues
  18. Use a planner faithfully
  19. Search for add-ons for your browser that can speed up your Internet tasks
  20. Take breaks to relax and refresh your mind and body
  21. Use stress-reducing techniques each day to keep stress to a minimum
  22. Keep work and personal email separate. Access only work email when working
  23. Limit emails to 5 sentences: who, what, where, when, and why
  24. Clear clutter from your desk
  25. Beat procrastination and get started right away on the task at hand
  26. Try doing everything a little faster. Walk, talk, type, and read faster
  27. Avoid trying to multi-task
  28. Focus hard on being productive for 30 minutes at a time. Set a timer
  29. Help motivate yourself with your favorite quotes
  30. Focus on the appropriate task —personal or work-related— at the appropriate time
  31. Put on headphones to avoid distracting noises. Listen to music if it helps you.
  32. Focus on the tasks that will accomplish the most
  33. Ask for help
  34. Leave your desk clean at the end of each day