5 Tips for Recycling Old Blog Posts

A popular post can be reused in many ways and still keep your content fresh.  This can really help you when life tends to get in the way and your blog would, otherwise, suffer.  You don’t always have to start from scratch!

Here are a few tips:
  1. If the information is still timely and valuable, consider re-writing it to be even better and sharing again as a new post.
  2. If you’ve written a handful (or more) posts on a similar topic, consider combining them into one post of top tips.
  3. If you’ve written one post with a handful (or more) of top tips, consider breaking it down and writing one post per tip.
  4. Write an ebook using one or more blog posts that all tie together.
  5. Simply clean up the text of an old post, maybe add a new image, and then repost today.
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