5 Tips For Working With A Website Designer

Finding the right web designer can be an overwhelming process. How do you know who would be the right fit?  What should you look for?  What is your role in the process?  Here are a few tips to get you started.

Be Prepared.

You will have work to do to get ready for your project.  In most cases, you are responsible for supplying content.  This includes images, copywriting, your brand assets, and more.  The exception to this would be if you are purchasing these items from your designer.  They are not included by default in most packages.


Communication is key on both sides when working with a website designer.  Be timely and honest in a way that allows for a solid understanding of what you need.  If your designer is waiting for something, it will hold up the project if they don’t get it from you.  This can lead to delays in the launch of your new site.  Additionally, if something isn’t going in the direction you desire, let them know what you do want.  Use phrases such as “I was really hoping for…” or “I had visualized something more like…” and provide examples whenever possible.

Avoid Too Many Cooks.

It’s nice to get the feedback of others but much of design is subjective.  The best feedback will come from a few clients you have and love (loving them is key here).  You want to know if the site resonates with your ideal client and if they are able to find what they need.  Otherwise, you’re really just getting a lot of opinions and, while everyone has one, they aren’t always helpful or “right.”

Don’t Overthink It.

While creating a new website does require work and can be overwhelming, the key to managing this is being prepared, solid communication, and avoiding too many cooks.  Remind yourself to take a deep breath, stay present with the process, and follow these tips to create the best experience possible.

Have Fun!

This is the most important one in my book.  Have fun with this!  Get inspired and trust the process.  If you follow these tips, you’re halfway there.

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