6 Easy Tips to Express Yourself on Your Blog

blogging tips

It’s so important that you shine through what you share on your blog…that people can see and hear the real YOU.  Here are four easy tips to make sure that happens.

  1. Write like you speak.  Write as if you are having a conversation with someone.  This sounds natural.
  2. Use simple words.  I don’t want to say you should talk down to people but definitely use language that’s easy to understand.
  3. Cut out the extras.  Keep it simple.  Avoid using cliches as much as possible.
  4. Use shorter sentences.
  5. Share your perspective on whatever you are writing about.   This is what makes your topic unique to you instead of the same old, same old.
  6. Be sure to read your post out loud at least once (out loud is the key!) before you hit that publish button.  This will help you hear where your post may not flow and need some adjusting and also spot typos and other errors.  When you just read silently, the brain has an incredible ability to skim what’s in front of you so it’s not an effective way to proof your stuff.
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