8 Tips for Dealing with Entrepreneurial Overwhelm

Woman Entrepreneur OverwhelmedOverwhelm is a strong feeling you get when you have too much to handle and you feel stressed, anxious and burned out about the situation. Entrepreneurs often have to deal with overwhelm due to several factors such as lack of time, too many projects, no priorities, too much customer demands and other unexpected business issues.

Being overwhelmed can take a toll on your physical and mental health that is why we should learn how to manage and prevent it. Let me share with you some tips and techniques in dealing with overwhelm especially as a business owner.

Acceptance is key.

As you deal with overwhelm, you have to fully acknowledge the feeling and you should be willing to do something about it. You don’t have to pretend that everything is taken care of and you can handle it on your own. Accepting that you are overwhelmed with your tasks gives you a better chance of improving and putting everything into place. You have to avoid judging yourself just because you couldn’t finish all the tasks at once. Another technique in dealing with overwhelm is to keep positive and trust that everything will be accomplished eventually. Find something to be thankful for no matter how busy your day is. Motivate yourself to do better and always be prepared for any trouble or inconvenience that might come along the way.

Know your priorities.

It’s easy to make a to-do list but knowing what to prioritize can be hard. Inability to prioritize makes it difficult to deal with overwhelm. As a result, we end up doing everything at once without accomplishing anything at all. You can make things easier by looking at your tasks in a different way. To deal with overwhelm, I created a system wherein I ask myself about my goals and feelings towards each task. What are the things that I’m excited about? What are the tasks that can generate money for me? Which task is the hardest and consumes most of my time? Which task is the most challenging? What are the tasks I feel bad for not doing? What tasks can I delegate? By doing this, I deal with overwhelm effectively and I find it easier to keep things moving.

Write it down.

Don’t be shy and write it down. Do not let too many things in your head for it will not help you deal with overwhelm. Thinking about a lot of things will only cause you stress and anxiety. Just get that to-do list and write down all the new concepts and ideas you might have.


With a lot of mess comes a lot of stress. A disorganized office is a big hurdle in your mission to deal with overwhelm. Imagine having to go through a pile of paper just to sign a single document. Or maybe having to turn your office upside down just to find your to-do list. How will you deal with overwhelm if you’ll easily be stressed out with all that clutter? Those things
can totally affect your day negatively. You have to start decluttering for it is one of the baby steps that can help you deal with overwhelm effectively. Don’t forget to organize your files so you can easily go through your clients or suppliers list when the need arises. Remember that dealing with overwhelm also means you need to take out all the junk in your email, too.

Stay focused.

Once you have everything organized, the next step in dealing with overwhelm is to focus on each task. Focus on the present and set aside your worries about the future. You have to concentrate and avoid any distractions that can cause further delay. Set aside unrelated things like browsing through social media sites, gaming apps and anything that can easily steal your
attention. Another good way to deal with overwhelm to avoid multitasking and concentrate on finishing one task at a time. Being focused helps you finish things faster and brings you better results.Learn the art of saying no.

One of the reasons why we end up having to deal with overwhelm is because we accept even the smallest of favours just to please a friend or a family member. Helping others is good but you have to set your limits. A good tip is to learn the art of saying no without causing conflict. You can explain that you are currently very busy or you can offer to help some other time. A little explanation combined with kind words can help you say no effectively. Accepting that you are not a superhuman makes it easier to deal with overwhelm.

Don’t forget to rest.

Always remember that a big part of dealing with overwhelm is to take that well-deserved break. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Take a deep breath and do some meditation. A cup of coffee, a power nap or even a short walk can actually make you feel recharged and more ready to deal with overwhelm.

Divide a large task.

It may seem hard to deal with overwhelm with a large order requirement or a big project at your hand. Breaking it down makes a big difference. Divide it into smaller tasks and you’ll be surprised at how you were able to finish the project just like that.

Wrap it up and be ready for a new day.

Review everything you’ve accomplished for the day. If possible, create a checklist to monitor your progress. A set of accomplished tasks is a good sign that you’re actually learning to deal with overwhelm. Note any stressors you encountered during the task so you can avoid it next time.Don’t stress yourself if you are unable to deal with overwhelm in an instant. It’s a learning process and you just have to take it one day at a time.

Try out these tips and see how far you can go.I’d love to hear from you. What other methods do you know of in dealing with overwhelm?

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