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What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

I was referred to Michele of Bergh consulting and I emailed her my project needs, and she prompted me to schedule a discovery call in order to confirm the project scope. I provided the info she needed for her to give me a solid proposal, and I was ready to sign because I needed the project to be done as soon as possible. I knew I probably had to get in the queue based on my previous experience hiring web-related vendors for projects, but luckily Michele could squeeze me in and completed my project within a week after signing the contract & payment was made! She updated me throughout the process and made sure the details we discussed were taken care of. I was very happy and thrilled that my project could be completed in such a fast manner! It was a huge mental relief knowing Michele was there to help during this process! I highly recommend Michele for your web page needs!

~ Liz Change, Skyla Arts

I had such a great experience working with Michele. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for website development! She was very responsive and prompt throughout the process. She often exceeded the deadlines she said she would meet. As someone that didn't know much about creating a website Michelle explained it in a way that was easy to understand. She would send short little videos walking me through the process. It helped me feel confident in the product she was developing, She also went out of her way to suggest things that would add visual appeal, even when she wasn't the person who designed my site! Michele made me feel that every individual client she works with really matters!

~ Lyndsey Fraser

There are lots of web consultants to choose from but if you want efficiency, quality, creativity, and solutions that work for you, call Michele.  She has an easy way of engaging and she listens!  I needed someone who would take my wild imaginings and fashion an effective and attractive website.  Michele guided me to that place with patient listening, insightful questions, and generous advising.  Now that my site is live she provides ongoing help and support through a newsletter, webinars, and various tips and tricks.  This is exactly what I need as a small startup and I am happy that fortune smiled on me by allowing me to work with Michele.

~ Paul Allwood

I've worked with Michele for many years, and think of her as an integral part of my website team. Whether it's handling the nitty-gritty details, like my website maintenance, choosing user-friendly WordPress tools or helping me strategically finesse my new layout, I know I can depend on Michele for her honest and no-nonsense approach.

~ Susan Shehata

Michele is very personable.  She is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she shares.  A great teacher.

I am a 1 person business and typically a DIY'er so it's been so great to have Michele set up my website and handle the technical areas beyond my knowledge and then work with me on what I feel comfortable doing so I can do much of the leg work myself when I prefer. I've used Michele for years for my website and have been so pleased.

~ Noelle Rollins, Owner & Artist, Noelle Rollins Art

Michele was very knowledgeable & helpful when setting up my WordPress website. She offered advice and took time out of her busy day to log in at the back end of my site to fix issues. I would highly recommend Michele with any WordPress work. She knows her stuff!

~ Melissa

I highly recommend Michele. She is so wonderful to work with. She is quick, and helpful and offers suggestions on how to make things even better than I would have thought up myself. She is very creative, easy to connect with and she is very professional.

Catherine Just, Owner, Catherine Just Photography

We received great feedback when Michele has presented the “Heart of Your Brand” for MN Women In Networking. Participants said they walked away with valuable information they could put into action. Michele has done quality design projects that fit wonderfully with our brand. Michele makes sure that she fully understands the needs of her clients and then delivers great work and within budget. She provides suggestions as well as assistance/training if needed so that you can take over the next steps on your own if you would like (e.g. WordPress or design templates). Michele is wonderful!

Teresa Thomas, Networking Speaker, Facilitator and Author

Michele and Bergh Consulting did a wonderful job mentoring and transitioning those used to having teams of IT, operations and marketing staff to an efficient and effective web development process that meets the needs of a newly emerging company with just one resource. She is practical, efficient, responsive and “got it” so we could move quickly and effectively.

Tina Frontera, Owner, Inspiration Health LLC

Michele has a calm, easy-going demeanor that makes everything seem easy. Just about the time you start to get “ramped up”, her calm approach, coupled with her quick response time, make everything a-ok.

Kate Sciandra,
Instructor of Ortho-Bionomy® Body/Mind Therapy & Founder of Peaceful Presence

We really like Michele. Top of the line morals and an extremely smart business person. We want to continue to help Michele and promote her because she can help so many in business. She is a wealth of knowledge. She has given us sound business advice.

Karen Willett, Owner, Unique Moments Photography, Inc.

I’ve hired Michele in several different capacities over the past year and have been very pleased with the results every time. Michele is an excellent business consultant as well as designer. I highly recommend her work if you are interested in quality results for a great price.

Julie Geigle

Michele created a wonderful website for us and helped us learn how to manage the website ourselves. The switch over from our old website went really well–we had a lot of anxiety about that, but no problem! She knows so much about business in general and has lots and lots of ideas that she is very willing to share. Plays well with others, too.

Karen Karsten

After two years of frustration trying and failing to build an attractive and functional website myself, I finally hired Michele Bergh at Bergh Consulting to make it happen. In a matter of weeks she was able to make my vision reality–like magic!! I had also been struggling to design the right logo for my business. Being creative myself, I wanted to participate in the designing process, which, I found, is not always welcomed by other designers. Michele was able to be flexible, patient and understanding to work collaborative with me to come up with the perfect logo. Thanks Michele!!!

Shauna Crowe, Training Specialist

I have had the opportunity to work with Michele as well have her assist me with setting up my blog. She is inspiring to work with, often helping people identify the best of themselves. I consider her a colleague and friend. Thank you Michele.

Terri Refshaw, Owner, Artisan Title

Michele had a keen intuitive sense for what I was trying to accomplish and able help facilitate and impliment the steps necessary to move forward toward the desired result. She is warm, encouraging and solution-oriented.

Jennifer Richardson, Owner, Rivergreen and Ripplespeak

It was great to tap into so much knowledge!

I had the pleasure of brainstorming, planning, and successfully pulling off a first-ever “seminar for seekers” with Michele. She proved herself to be an organized, people-oriented visionary with the wide range of skills you need for a big project like we undertook!

Joan Steffend Brandmeier, Co-founder Peace Begins with Me

I have had the pleasure of offering several courses of Michele’s through our Community Education Program successfully for many years. Participants have given her excellent evaluations. They commented that they had an opportunity to explore different ideas and techniques, for a reasonable price in a fun, non-threatening environment.

Donna Comer, Program Manager, Community Education, Robbinsdale Area Schools

As a DIYer, I contacted Michele needing very specific help with my website. Not only did she help me with what I needed, but provided other really helpful advice too. She really listens to you and what you need. Working with her was such a joy! I feel like I stumbled upon a secret. The secret is Michele! If you need a website or a web developer, contact her. You’ll love working with her.

Teresa Neuhaus, Yoga Instructor, Twin Cities Corporate Yoga

Very knowledgeable...Entertaining...Great instructor...Would take any class she offered...Lots of real examples/stories...Knew her stuff.

Students of Selling Online for Fun & Selling Online for Profit Courses

Michele designed my current business card and letterhead. I have repeatedly been complimented on the stand-out artful qualities of my card, both in print and within all my email correspondence. Michele had an intuitive understanding of my business, needs and visions while recoloring and optimizing my existing logo. She patiently presented multiple creative versions for my review and was committed to consistent supportive service and my ultimate satisfaction. I have also seen various stellar websites she has designed and find her to be superlative designer in a competitive field. I highly recommend her services and products.

Loris Sofia Gregory, Newsletter Editor, Good News for Health Coaches at Health Coach Training

Michele Bergh has above average customer service skills. She provides excellent, creative ideas pertaining to web designs and also internet marketing. I highly recommend Michele if you are looking for a web design/webmaster and or business internet marketing consultant.

Shannon Lindstrom, RE/MAX Results, Realtor, AHWD, CRS, GREEN

When I began blogging and sharing using WordPress.com. Recently WordPress sent me a review of my stats for the year called “Year in Blogging = Annual Report”. In the 8 months that I blogged that first year, I wrote 92 blog posts… received over 10,000 views on my website… and people from 94 countries visited. The top referring sites were from Facebook and Michele Bergh’s forum.  For me having had this opportunity to join Michele’s forum last year has helped in several ways… first it created a safe and more personal experience for me where friendships were created and also where connections with bloggers that I got to know on a more personal basis. The opportunity to belong to a community of like-minded souls where I have found part of my tribe has helped me build my confidence as well as my audience in ways I could not have imagined. It definitely helped me soar beyond my wildest dreams all while feeling extremely supported and uplifted by so many.

Suzanne McRae

I am loving the way this blogging challenge has been set up, giving us space to comment on the blogs we find interesting. For me I have realized there are only certain topics I now want to write about. Completing this challenge has shown me that I wish my writing to have a purpose that matches my goals. I no longer wish to write just for the sake of writing but to write when the day inspires me to do so.

Kama J. Frankling, Almost Stress Free

Michele’s Branding In A Day Workshop immersed us in a library of marketing resources but she lead us through the process with such personalization, it was completely customized to each of our businesses. Subtitled ‘the heart of your brand’… it was really her heart-centered approach that made the day so rewarding. I can’t wait to attend her next event!

Maureen Heinen, Owner, SEND IN MAUREEN, LLC

I took the strength tests and came up with Futuristic, Belief, Developer, Learner, and
Significance as my top five. When I took the Standout test my top two were Creative and Pioneer then teacher, equalizer and connector. These have helped me with my core values which are, as of now, transcendence, heart-centeredness, courage, connection and significance. It is fun to get greater awareness as things become clearer and clearer.  This branding course is truly wonderful. Love the interactive assignments and all the great clarity it provides me. Really helping me take things to the next level!

Julianne Alexander

Michele, your blogging challenge helped me to gain momentum and get back in my blogging groove. I love the community you have created and I’m grateful to be a part of it!

Christine Nichols Gautreaux

Just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to have you on our team supporting us in this work. It's a relief to know that I have someone in my court making sure my website is working properly and will be there when situations arise.

Katie T.

About Bergh Consulting

Bergh Consulting has been providing services to clients all around the world full-time since 2007. We've built over 500 websites and have many clients who have been with us since the beginning.  We value relationships and love being a part of our client's journey.

We take pride in simplified processes and our ultimate goal is to look at where you are, where you want to be and what we can do to support you along the way...joyfully.  We fill in the gaps for the areas that are new to you or simply overwhelming so you can focus on what you love.

About Michele Bergh, Owner & Founder

Michele Bergh realized three things after spending 15 years in parks and recreation. She excelled at teaching and strategizing, had a deep love affair with marketing, and, most importantly, she wanted to create a joy-filled life on her own terms. She set out on an entrepreneurial path to use her strengths to create the life she desired and support others in doing the same.

Michele’s clients have referred to her as a WordPress fairy, a hub of information, the one who teaches you “what you didn’t know you didn’t know”, and the one who brings “peace to an otherwise stressful space”. With clients all over the globe, She prides herself most on her ability to look at your individual needs and recommend a path that will move you towards your goals

When she is not supporting others in their online marketing endeavors, she can be found hanging with the locals on her travels, performing covers of her favorite music (the 70s mostly) in her car, spending time with her family, and working on her passion project, Radically Loving.

If you're still curious about Michele and Bergh Consulting, Here’s a few more highlights...

Shout out to


Ideation - She loves to brainstorm.
Strategic - It's easy for her to see the possibilities and be able to break them down quickly into what will work and what won't.
Individualization - She loves to see how people are different and how we can work together and make things happen.
Futuristic - She loves envisioning what is possible in the future and how it will all unfold, both for myself and others.
Input - She craves knowledge, collects information and am often told she is the "Go to Girl" when someone wants to know something.

Core Values

When doing work around our values, usually, we end up with 3-5 and then there is one that binds them all together, which may or may not be part of the 3-5.  Her binding value is consciousness...really being aware of her role in this world, how she shows up, how what she does affects others...

Her core values are expression, integrity, connection, wisdom, and presence.


Music - She loves the 70s most and has a very eclectic taste. ALMOST all genres appeal to her, depending on my mood.
Nature - She loves all things nature...wildlife, trees, flowers, etc.
Learning/Teaching - She loves to learn all she can and feels like a total sponge - sharing it with others is a bonus!
Photography - It's the mindfulness that goes along with finding the perfect subject as well as the opportunity to see life through a different lens.
Art - She enjoys creating and observing others create.  Her latest obsession is digital art on my ipad.
Living a Blissful Life - A life full of joy, happiness and a sense of freedom.



Interactive Media and Graphic Design

Trained Facilitator

Creating Healing Experiences that Work, which takes consultation tools and walks you through the process of creating a customer journey map and emotional branding.

Masterminds and Mentors, a small-group mastermind/coaching program.

Success Principles with Jack Canfield, Train the Trainer program.

Additional Studies

Constantly learning and growing is a priority.  Michele's business focus for learning includes WordPress, website design and development, user experience, branding, driving traffic, conversion, social media, and general business development.

She's also spent several years studying in the holistic realm.  She holds numerous certifications including Holistic Life Coach, Stress Management Specialist, One Command Practitioner, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, ThetaHealing DNA Level 2 Basic Practitioner, and more.

Additionally, she served on the Anoka-Ramsey Community College Integrated Health & Healing Advisory Board from 2018-2020.

A Few Other Details

Michele has written a book, published a CD, been a guest on a few radio shows, and had several articles published.  [READ MORE HERE]


You might be a little confused right now if you've followed Michele for a while but, rest assured, you are in the right place.  Initially combine her personal blog and business, she has now separated the two.  My legal business name is Lodestone Dynamics LLC.  For ease, we're using our DBA, Bergh Consulting.

Why Lodestone Dynamics?

Not many people know what a lodestone is and it’s story is quite special.

A lodestone is a magnetite but not all magnetite is a lodestone.  To become lodestone, the magnetite must be struck by lightning which then makes it magnetic.  These magnetic qualities led to the invention of the compass, since they could be used to point north.  Because it was hard to explain the process of becoming magnetic, they were often associated with magical or alchemical events. Sailors used lodestones in their navigation and the Chinese appear to have been the first to discover how these stones could be used for navigation.

“Lode” originally meant a leader. The term “lodestone” is also used to refer to something or someone with strong attractive properties.

Michele first heard about the lodestone in September of 2007 when I was searching for a name for a networking group I was starting.  She was overjoyed at how perfect it was!  The magnet – all about attracting and bringing together.  The lightning – all about enlightenment and energy.  The compass – all about helping someone find direction.

When she decided to use the term on a bigger scale – in the name of this business she was creating, it was because of how perfect it still was.  Her desire is to create the energy and the vision around attracting people to one another, both as strategic partners and to help my clients attract their clients.  Michele is here to help you find your way in creating a successful business.  Dynamics is all about movement and taking action.

That’s how we became Lodestone Dynamics LLC.