Motion Sickness: Why Your Website Needs to Chill Out

A woman experiencing motion sickness in a car with smoke coming out of her eyes, emphasizing the need for websites to be less overwhelming.

I often get requests from clients around adding text that moves, videos at the top of the Home page, etc.There’s been a lot of research into how people REALLY use web pages, and some of the key findings include: Several studies have been conducted to understand how people interact with web pages and what elements…

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Handmade Gift, A Labor of Love

A crocheted blanket, a labor of love, on a bed.

With every stitch and careful fold, A story of devotion, tenderly told, Handmade gift, a labor of love, Woven threads, hearts’ dreams woven above. In each knot, a whispered prayer, A testament to love, a bond so rare, In this crafted treasure, hearts unite, A beacon of warmth in love’s soft light.

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Don’t Quit Your Daydream

A woman in red boots is standing in front of a red curtain, lost in her daydream.

Most of my clients are solopreneurs and I know first-hand how difficult that can be at times. You have a dream…this vision of what you want your life to look like but it’s hard. It takes work, dedication, consistency, resilience, etc. to build something important. This song is on my playlist for those times it…

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