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Free Images, Oh My!

free images for you from Bergh Consulting

Free Just for You! Some of use our own photos or buy photos are try to find free ones on the internet.  It can be a challenge to find what you need and keep it affordable.  Here are some links where you can find some free images (but always check their terms as I don’t…

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WordPress Collective – A Supportive Facebook Group

Need Help with WordPress - Facebook Group

We recently started up a new group on Facebook to provide support to small businesses out there with a focus on WordPress.  Why this group? We saw lots of groups focused on being an entrepreneur and lots of groups focused on WordPress but nothing that combined the two and we believe everything is better with…

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Check Out These Color Combos for Your Website

Website Color Combinations

Selecting colors for your website can be one of the most challenging tasks AND is one of the most important.  I’m a big fan of using resources that make it easier to find colors that work well together. I’ve seen a few cool tools over the years and this one is right up there.  Color…

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Getting Started with WordPress

Getting Started with WordPress

If you are just getting started with WordPress here are a few great resources. From basic WordPress how-tos to tips on designing a website that works for you to help with a few premium products that I recommend for every site, you’ll find many solid and easy-to-follow guides below. Getting Started with WordPress WordPress Manual…

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Do You Believe?

Do you believe?

Do you believe? Do you believe you can do this? Or is your head filled with gremlins, suggesting it’s not possible…providing reasons it just won’t work. Let’s talk about those gremlins… You were born with a delightful spirit full of passion and drive. This is the spirit everything you do comes from. If those gremlins…

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