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This post is part of the month-long Inspired Blog Challenge, run once a quarter. Using Feedblitz, TwitterFeed or MailChimp

Today’s topic is about automating some of your sharing so that, as soon as you post {or close to it} these services send the post to your social media account to share for you. I have used TwitterFeed, which is free, with great success except an ocassional glitch on Facebook but it is free, which is nice. Feedblitz is another great one. It has several features besides just the auto-sharing including allowing subscribers to sign up to be notified of new blog posts in a variety of ways {more options than I’ve seen in any other service} but it is also a service you pay for. The cost is based on how many sign up to receive notification via email. I love Feedblitz! And MailChimp is also great. It has a nice free level and then you can pay for more if and when you need it.

Automation can really save you time by sharing for you.

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