What To Do With That Backup…

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We all know how important it is to have a backup of your site. Many of you have me doing this for you (which I love to do). And a few of you do it for yourself. Here’s my question…if you are doing it for yourself, do you know what to do with that backup, should you need it?

If your site goes down or gets hacked and a back up is needed to restore it, if I have a backup through the system I use, it’s going to cost a LOT less to restore it if you want me to do it, because I’m familiar with the system and I’ve used it many times and can do it pretty quickly. If you need it restored through a different method, you’ll either need to do it or, should you need me to do it, it will cost significantly more because I’m not familiar with the system you are using and it will take me more time.  These are important factors when considering a backup system to use.

Final thoughts…

  • If you aren’t backing up, please do.
  • If you are using your own system and doing it, please make sure you know how to restore your site using that backup.
  • If you have me doing it, take a deep breath and know I have your back.
  • If you want me to do it, give me a shout to get set up today!
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