Are You Getting to Third Base?

I’ve had the pleasure of attending several great presentations lately.  Overall, there were outstanding speakers for all of them and there was something else deeper…lurking…that I couldn’t ignore.

Two in particular stood out.

Both of these presenters were awesome at presenting.  They were dynamic speakers, did everything incredibly well throughout the presentation.  I found myself thinking they could talk about anything and the audience would love them.  They were well dressed, enthusiastic, relate-able, funny…really top notch presentations.  I could see them being very well liked by everyone.

I was especially interested in one of the presentation because it’s a topic I love to learn about.  So I listened with earnest and then wanted to explore even more.  I went home and went online to see how this speaker used the concepts they shared in their own practice, excited to see what was working for them.  Guess what?  They weren’t doing anything they talked about in their presentation and neither was the company they worked for.  Not a thing.  Surprising, given the amount of passion they expressed for their topic.

The other speaker came to a place where they were sharing about how important it is to be confident in your delivery of anything.  Absolutely true, right?  But then they went “there.”  The next thing I knew, they were telling our group to lie.  They didn’t use those words but let’s call a spade a spade.  If you tell people to misrepresent their business to others…to talk as if you have this large, incredible client base that doesn’t actually exist because your business is brand new – it’s a lie.  To tell people how you do things with your clients…to talk about what you say to them…when they don’t exist is a lie.  There are many ways to show you are credible, knowledgeable, and skillful enough to work with without lying.

Out of all the presentations I’ve seen recently, these two – as dynamic as they were – really crushed me.

This is all about the like – know – trust factor.

First, I liked them.

Then, I got to know them.

Now, there’s no way they’re getting to third base because there is zero trust.  They are officially “out of the game.”  I will never “get into bed” with either of them nor will I recommend them to someone else.  That home run is never gonna happen!

How can you present on a topic you don’t believe in enough to use? A topic that you have no personal experience with to even say is relevant or even works?

How can you tell a group of people to lie about their business and not consider that at least some of the group will now be wondering about you and how many lies you’ve told…how many times you’ve misled everyone, including them?

Be true to yourself, your values and your clients.  Be honest.  Be kind.  Be mindful.  Speak of what you know and what you believe in. 

This is the best way to grow your business…to brand your business.

Be authentic.

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