Does Your Blog Have an Elevator Pitch?


If you were to tell someone what you blog about, would you be able to articulate this clearly? It doesn’t have to be something fancy….just clear and easy to understand. You can even have fun with it if you want.

There are lots of things you can call this besides an elevator pitch if you don’t like that term because it feels to business-y (I sometimes feel that way because it makes me think of a referral-based networking group I was in that really pushed this message to everyone). Still, elevator pitch is such a great way to describe it…if you only had 30 seconds (the average time in an elevator), how would you communicate what you’re doing and who you are doing it for?

Here are a few points to get you started.

  • Solve a problem or fill a need…make sure you communicate which one your blog does in your elevator pitch.
  • Who is your audience?…Who do you blog for? Who would you like to attract? Let people know who your target is.
  • Be clear…make sure whatever you share is clear and easy to understand. Don’t leave people confused. They won’t visit your blog nor will they share it with others.
  • Be enticing…be interesting…get them wanting more.
  • Keep it nice and short.  People won’t remember much so make what you share memorable.
  • Be energetic but not all sales-y.

Once you have this, even if you never verbally share with someone, you have the foundation for focus and inspiration.

Have one already? Share below how you landed on yours…tips that will help others.

Need one? Let’s get started!

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