Playing Brand Detective

I came across this great, easy-to-read article about brands you can trust on the Personal Branding Blog website.  Here is an important note before I begin.  Whether you have spent time creating/developing a brand for your business, you have a brand.  It may or may not be a good one,…

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Good idea

What Is A Creative Professional?

A target market should feel like a tight belt but not so tight you can’t breathe.  When I started my rebranding process in January, it was suddenly clear to me that I really enjoyed working with creative professionals.   I love being creative myself and see how much it connects me…

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Passion Is Needed To Succeed

When you think about creating your business, are you full of passion for what you want to do?  Do you feel like you were born to do this?  Your chances of success are much greater when you do the work you love.   When you share about what you love, it…

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Coca Cola

How 50 Top Companies Got Their Names

This is a fun article I thought you might be interested in.  Since I love branding, how people come up with business names is always fascinating to me and these were very interesting.  My favorite is probably Lego, which means “play well”.  Most confusing one to me is probably Pepsi,…

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Worrying About Others

As many of you know, my new home has a pond where geese hang out.  The pond in my courtyard doesn’t seem to be as active as the other one in the back, which is closer to the nature center, but it sure gets loud.  The geese out there honk…

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Work team

8 Tips to Find Entrepreneurial Motivation

Entrepreneurial motivation isn’t always easy. You may think that the prospect of making lots of cash would inspire people, but life events do get in the way. You see, without the correct entrepreneurial motivation, things would remain stagnant. It’s important for the individual with this mindset to continue to have…

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