Living Life as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur Blue Ridge Mountains

Top 9 Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

Lifestyle entrepreneurs are those with a specific lifestyle in mind who build meaningful careers to fit, instead of choosing a career and building a life around it. Here are some lifestyle entrepreneurs you need to know about: Tim Ferriss Tim Ferriss is a 3-time best-selling author who has found wild…

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Tip Tuesday

Tip Tuesday: YouTube to the Rescue

There are so many great resources on YouTube for WordPress, tools that work nicely with WordPress and motivation for entrepreneurs.  Just do a search for the topic you are wanting to learn and see what pops up.  I recommend adding the current year to your search so you will hopefully…

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How to Select the Best WordPress Plugins

Choosing The Best WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a remarkably versatile platform, made so in part by an equally remarkable ecosystem of plugins, but which is the best WordPress plugin for you? Searching through 49,000+ options to find the perfect match for your page is a daunting and time-consuming task. However, with a bit of planning,…

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Tip Tuesday

Tip Tuesday: Create Unique Landing Pages

Promoting something specific?  Create a landing page for it and direct people right to the landing page.  These will convert better than your home page.

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Lifestyle Entrepreneur

What is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur?

A lifestyle entrepreneur is one who seeks a specific lifestyle or schedule and then builds a career to fit, as opposed to building a lifestyle around a career. With many past generations, the formula has been to first find a career and then to build a lifestyle around it; however,…

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Don’t DIY Away Your Website’s Potential: WordPress Experts and How They Help

As an owner of one of the world’s 1.9 billion websites, you want to find your niche and have your customers find you, both of which can be achieved through WordPress experts. Why DIY is DOA with WordPress You are in business or running and organization because you have a…

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