Website Color Combinations

Check Out These Color Combos for Your Website

Selecting colors for your website can be one of the most challenging tasks AND is one of the most important.  I’m a big fan of using resources that make it easier to find colors that work well together. I’ve seen a few cool tools over the years and this one…

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Truth about Meta Tags and SEO

The Truth About Meta Tags and SEO

What are Meta Tags Meta tags tell search engines about the content on a website.  For 2018, meta tags don’t play a huge role in SEO  but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them all together (more on this coming). As I said, this doesn’t mean you should ignore Meta…

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Page Builders and SEO

SEO and Beaver Builder Page Builder

Sometimes people have a hard time with search engine optimization when working with a page builder.  While there may be page builders out there for WordPress that don’t work well with search engine optimization techniques, Beaver Builder is thankfully not one of them.  There are a few tricks that are…

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Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly?

It’s one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization – a mobile-friendly website.   More and more people are using their phones and tablets to surf the internet now so making sure your site can be easily viewed is key. To get started, I recommend testing your site.  You…

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Worst Entrepreneurial Advice Ever

The Worst Entrepreneurial Advice Ever

We all hear experts or gurus sharing their golden nuggets of information to motivate and inspire us along our journey to success.  A lot of them say the same thing but use slightly different language.  One may resonate more than another for that reason (and perhaps other reasons as well). …

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Layout & Design Examples for Your WordPress Website

I love collecting resources!  I’m such a sponge.  It’s like a craving I just can’t satisfy.  Layout & design can be a challenge if you haven’t been professionally trained or if it doesn’t come naturally.  A great way to get started is to look at other sites for inspiration.  Spend…

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