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Reporting Tools Like Google PageSpeed, GT Metrix and Pingdom Are Worthless

Over the years, I have had clients come to me after testing out their sites using a tool like Google PageSpeed, GT Metrix, or Pingdom and wonder why their scores are so low and they want it “fixed”.  In most cases, this can be costly because it requires a lot…

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GDPR Ready

Are You GDPR Ready?

Please note:  I am not an attorney and my goal here is not to give you legal advice but rather give you an overview of GDPR. GDPR, also known as the General Data Protection Regulation, is intended to protect the right to privacy of those in countries across Europe.  Although…

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Time to Get it Right

It’s My Time to Get it Right

I started working with a coach at the end of 2017 specifically to drive some pieces of my business. I do have a coach that I’ve worked with for many years but our format is different.  It’s more focused on life as a whole and drilling down when things pop…

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Need Help with WordPress - Facebook Group

Joyful Websites – A Supportive Facebook Group

We recently started up a new group on Facebook to provide support to small businesses out there with a focus on WordPress.  Why this group? We saw lots of groups focused on being an entrepreneur and lots of groups focused on WordPress but nothing that combined the two and we…

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Website Color Combinations

Check Out These Color Combos for Your Website

Selecting colors for your website can be one of the most challenging tasks AND is one of the most important.  I’m a big fan of using resources that make it easier to find colors that work well together. I’ve seen a few cool tools over the years and this one…

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Truth about Meta Tags and SEO

The Truth About Meta Tags and SEO

What are Meta Tags Meta tags tell search engines about the content on a website.  For 2018, meta tags don’t play a huge role in SEO  but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them all together (more on this coming). As I said, this doesn’t mean you should ignore Meta…

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