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Brand Colors for Your Website

How to Choose the Right Brand Colors for Your Website

According to research, 85% of consumers think color is the most important factor when choosing a product while 92% think visual appearance is the most persuasive factor.  Since these are both related, it definitely shows how important choosing the right colors are for your brand/website. Why brand colors are important…

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Productivity Week

Productivity Challenge Week Four

It’s the last week of the challenge! How are you doing? The great thing about this challenge is that you can do it any time AND you can do it more than once. If you find yourself struggling with your productivity at any point, come back here and select one…

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WordPress Optimization

WordPress Optimization Tips Part Two

This is part two in a four part series. If you missed Optimizing WordPress Tips part one, you can read it here. Keep Your WordPress Site Updated Keeping your site updated – meaning WordPress along with the themes and plugins installed on your site are kept up-to-date – shows the…

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Productivity Day

Productivity Challenge Week Three

How’s it going? We’ve gone two weeks now and hopefully you are seeing an improvement in your productivity already. If not, don’t give up. You’ll find the perfect blend of tips before you know it. For week three, we are going to add one more to the list… Listen to…

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Do It Yourself

Is WordPress the Best Platform for your Website?

I get this question all the time and my answer is always – it depends.  And then I laugh.  A nervous laugh really because I know people expect more from me but the answer isn’t really that simple.  I used to think it was because I wanted specific things FOR…

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Productivity Challenge Week Two

In our first week’s post we shared a series of productivity tips and recommended selecting one from the list you aren’t currently doing to get started. How did you do? Did you stick with just one? I thought there were a few on there that could work nicely together. I…

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