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A woman prioritizing her workout lifts a barbell in a crossfit gym.

Hard First, Easy Later: The Power of Prioritizing Your Most Challenging To-Dos

We don’t want to do the hard things. We like to do enjoyable things. If something isn’t enjoyable, then we at least want it to be easy. Yet, the enjoyable things often aren’t very helpful. And the easy things usually don’t provide a lot of return for our time. The…

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A wooden figure that embodies the concept of think differently, as money flies out of his hands.

6 Ways That Billionaires Think Differently Than the Rest of Us

Are billionaires unusual creatures that are born different from the rest of us? Maybe. Maybe not. It doesn’t really matter. What’s important is that billionaires have a different approach to the world that we can all learn from. People that have different results do things differently. And they do things…

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A self-motivating man standing on top of a mountain with his arms raised.

Daily Self-Motivating Regimen

How much of your time do you spend seeking motivation from external factors? How long does it last You’ve likely discovered that external motivation has an expiration date. Luckily, there are strategies you can easily use to motivate yourself! Make these exercises a part of your daily routine: 1. Surround…

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Explore brain hacks to boost productivity as you observe a pink human brain against a vibrant blue background.

7 Brain Hacks That Boost Productivity

Productivity is important because it relates to income and time. The more productive you are, the more money you can earn in many situations. You can also save time. That time can be spent on anything you like, including making more money. There are many obstacles to productivity, such as…

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A woman is pointing to a checkbox that says now later never, showcasing her creative strategies to combat procrastination and delay.

Delay No More: Discover 5 Creative Strategies to Crush Procrastination

If you didn’t procrastinate, you’d be one of the most powerful people in the world. You’d utilize your time effectively and get a lot of things done each day. Over time, that’s an incredibly powerful way to live. Unfortunately, we all seem to have a villain inside that tries to…

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A young boy wearing headphones learns about success through "Baby Shark.

What “Baby Shark” Can Teach You About Success

What makes Baby Shark so catchy? It’s a children’s song and a top 40 hit that appeals to kids and adults around the world. It has spawned dozens of variations and its own line of toys. It’s been viewed more than one and a half billion times on YouTube. By…

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