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Biggest Mistake – Distractions

What is one of the biggest mistake you could make with your blog?  Having distractions on your website. Ask yourself this question: What do I want my visitors to do when they come to my site and how is that connected to how I make a living? What is it…

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Call to action

Call to Action: What is Yours?

Do your blog posts have a specific call to action or CTA? We all know what assuming does, right? The same applies to your blog. Look at it as someone landing on the page and having no idea what to do. What do you want them to do? Do you…

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The Dreaded Deadline

Deadlines…Sometimes loved and sometimes hated but necessary none-the-less. They keep us on track and also keep everyone on the same page. Not too long ago, I had someone impose a deadline on me that I could not meet. I wasn’t expecting it, got very little notice and it wasn’t around…

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Are You Getting to Third Base?

I’ve had the pleasure of attending several great presentations lately.  Overall, there were outstanding speakers for all of them and there was something else deeper…lurking…that I couldn’t ignore. Two in particular stood out. Both of these presenters were awesome at presenting.  They were dynamic speakers, did everything incredibly well throughout…

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Why Blog

There are a lot of great reasons to blog.  This site has a great infographic which highlights ten of the best reasons to keep at it, even if you feel like no one is watching… Search Engine Benefits Personal Growth Improved Skill Set Virtual Sales Calls Clarity Content Library Product…

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Online Course

12 Tips for Successfully Completing an Online Course

So you’ve decided to take an online course, also known as an ecourse.  Many of us have the best intentions and they seem to fall flat a week or two into the course.  If we are lucky, we may last a bit longer AND if we have some great tools,…

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