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Red Color Palettes

8 Red Color Palettes for Creative Inspiration

I thought it would be fun to explore colors once again here on the blog.  I love the psychology of colors and previously published posts on pink, purple, red, blue, yellow, orange, green, and black. I’ve even created a simple quiz to determine the best color for your brand. The…

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Be the boss bingo

Be the Boss Bingo:
Motivation During COVID19

“It’s a weird time.” It seems to be the most common phrase I hear nowadays.  Most of us have never experienced anything like this and never thought we would. We are doing our best to cope.  To stay well.  To keep moving. There seems to be another common thread about…

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The client friendly editor for wordpress

Easy Content Editing on Your WordPress Website

Editing the basic content on your website often gets put off because small changes can seem to take forever when you have to back and forth between the back end and the front end of your website, making the change and checking it, etc.  It isn’t really difficult to do…

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woman working

Top Tips for Blogging with Ease

Blogging takes time and energy but there are a few things you can do to make it easier.  Having a plan, creating as much evergreen content as possible, and create images with a Canva template can all ease the process.  Check out our latest video on YouTube. Want to Pin…

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How to Use Google Drive to Store Audio Files You Want to Embed on Your Website

When embedding an audio on your website, it has to be stored somewhere.  Most hosting companies do not allow your website space to be used as storage so you need to find another space to store them.  Most use Audio Acrobat or a similar service to house their videos and…

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Your Heart’s Desire

While this isn’t necessarily my normal type of post, we are in the process of creating a new normal here in the world so I felt it was quite relevant.  You may know I have a strong background in the holistic field. I actually used to have a Wellness Center…

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