What Does Your Blog Say About You?

All websites/blogs need an about page.  While this can include information about the site itself, most importantly, it’s shares about you…it lets your visitors know more about you. You want your about page to really share the essence of who you are, in a personal and engaging way.  Over at…

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overwhelmed woman

Avoid Blogger Burn Out

It’s easy to end up overwhelmed and out of sorts quickly as a blogger. Blogging takes work and requires commitment. I’ve been there and most bloggers I know have been there as well. Part of my desire is that you find a rhythm that really works well for you so…

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Is Blogging Right for You?

You’ve had some time throughout this challenge, and probably for a while before we started, to work on your blog. How’s it going? Does it feel good to you? Is it flowing? What does your “gut” tell you about whether blogging is a good fit or not? Blogging can be…

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Don’t Give Up

Those bloggers who stick with it ultimately win. Be the one who sticks with it.  I know it’s hard when you start.  There’s so much to learn.  So much to do.  Keep plugging away.  Keep learning and growing and getting better and better.  Watch miracles unfold as you do. Looking…

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Essential Keys to Productivity

Our lives are filled with interruption and distraction…24/7.  We are trained to multi-task and multi-tasking in the corporate world is often rewarded.  The key to productivity flies in the face of the value of multi-tasking and requires we reduce or eliminate distractions wherever possible.  Here are a few tips: Change…

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9 Great Marketing Tips

Since I’m feeling a bit in the marketing mode with the release of my new membership program (yay me!!), I thought it would be fun to share a few marketing ideas with you so we can all benefit from them!  Some will be good reminders and others may be ones…

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