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A person holding a WordPress logo on top of a wooden table, showcasing their up-to-date site.

The Importance of Keeping your WordPress Site Up-To-Date

You probably put a lot of time, energy, and even your hard-earned money into designing your WordPress website. But, all too often people get a great site up and running and think that’s the end of working in WordPress. But, the truth is, site maintenance and keeping your website up-to-date…

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A person writing with a laptop while looking at a tv in the background, offering quality content tips.

Tips for Writing Quality Content

It’s not so much what you write but rather what you say that counts. Quality content that provides the reader with useful information is always appreciated more than paragraph after paragraph without much point to it all. Of course, this then leads to the question of how to even write…

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A group of entrepreneurs sitting around a table, laptops in front of them, sharing tips and strategies for staying motivated.

Top 8 Tips for Staying Motivated as an Entrepreneur

Starting a new business requires a lot of time, discipline and patience. Being an entrepreneur means you are your own critic. You are on top of everything. You have a team but you are solely responsible for completing details that can make or break your business. People rely on your…

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A padlock on a blue background, symbolizing security and protection for a website's privacy policy.

Why Have a Website Privacy Policy

When you are designing or updated your website, don’t forget to assure you have a website privacy policy. This vital addition to your site is often legally required and always a good idea. A website privacy policy is a statement which describes some or all of the ways you will…

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A Microsoft 365 for Business cell phone with an envelope on the screen.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Microsoft 365 For Your Business Email

We’ve known and learned to love web server based email since it was introduced. It was once the essential tool to build a productive organization, but now Microsoft came up with a new set of tools that will not only be helping your business be organized but will also provide…

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A woman's hand is touching an email icon in G Suite for Business.

Why G Suite is a Great Solution for Business Email

Whether you’re a small business owner or on the financial team of a large corporation, you realize that finding the best resources can be critical. Note I didn’t say the cheapest. When you find a resource that proves to be excellent and moderately priced, you probably don’t care that it…

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