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Empower yourself by unleashing your inner power with a stack of wooden blocks on a table.

Unleash Your Inner Power: 9 Building Blocks for Personal Empowerment

Remember: you’re the captain of your own ship. Only you can decide that you have the power to do whatever you want with your life. As you navigate through this checklist, you’ll multiply your personal power. Plan to focus for a week on each of the tips you select. Concentrate…

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A crocheted blanket, a labor of love, on a bed.

Handmade Gift, A Labor of Love

With every stitch and careful fold, A story of devotion, tenderly told, Handmade gift, a labor of love, Woven threads, hearts’ dreams woven above. In each knot, a whispered prayer, A testament to love, a bond so rare, In this crafted treasure, hearts unite, A beacon of warmth in love’s…

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A person meticulously prioritizing tasks by filling out a checklist with a pink marker, ensuring they choose wisely and get more done efficiently.

Choose Wisely: How to Prioritize Tasks and Get More Done Each Day

This is one of the biggest questions facing anyone that is facing a long to-do list: which task should you complete first? For most of us, a typical working day – or even a typical weekend of chores – is going to involve a number of different tasks, each of…

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A blue color palette with a wave ripple in the background.

A Ripple Dance

A ripple dances, teal and blue, A tiny wave, so fresh and new, Beneath the sky, it springs to life, A playful twirl, devoid of strife. The ocean’s pulse, a vibrant beat, A touch of grace, a moment fleet, In its caress, the world awakes, A symphony of life, with…

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Avoid the timewasters with a cup of coffee.

Time is Money: 12 Timewasters You Can’t Afford to Ignore

We all feel like we don’t have enough time. But most of us waste a lot more time each week than we care to admit. The perfect timewaster is enjoyable, allows the time to fly by, and is highly distracting. In this day and age, we have a lot of…

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A picture of a building with resilient columns and a beautiful blue sky.

Resilient Beauty

Awe and wonder fill the air, Intricate carvings, artistry rare, Through the ages, these stones remain, A symbol of resilience, a lasting refrain. In their shadows, secrets revealed, Stories of a past, now unsealed, With bated breath, we wander through, Lost in the beauty, forever anew.

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