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Reward yourself with a stack of three blue and white gift boxes.

Reward Yourself

Blogging takes some work. Especially if you want to do it regularly and really grow your blog. Sometimes the task can feel daunting. What are you doing to stay motivated? Do you regularly reward yourself for your accomplishments? If you don’t, it’s time to start. You’ll feel more powerful, more…

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A woman reading a book by the water, struggling with her writing.

Having Trouble Writing? Read

Go read a novel.  Yes, I said go read.  And read aloud.  There is a flow to good writing (novels, in general, are written better) and by spending some time reading, you connect with that flow and get in the creative energy and your writing flow better and the end…

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A group of popcorn boxes sitting on a table is an excellent topic idea for food lovers or party planners.

Today’s Terrific Topic Idea: Favorite Movie?

Today’s terrific topic idea is to write about your favorite movie. When did you see it? How many times have you seen it? What makes it your favorite? Looking for more content like this? Click here. Here’s a few posts we also thought you’d enjoy: Having Trouble Writing? Read Creating…

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A notebook featuring the words passive income, alongside a laptop and a phone.

The Truth about Passive Income

A guest post from PJ Van Hulle.  A big thank you for sharing herself with us.  Please be sure to check out her site using the links below. I’ve been to more seminars and read more books about passive income than I can count. They make it sound so easy.…

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A red meetup logo with the word meetup on it, perfect for start-ups looking for success tips.

5 Start Up Success Tips From The CEO Of Meetup

I thought these tips were great and wanted to share them with you.  Once again, Mashable provides great information. Love it or hate it, you have to agree that Meetup is HUGE!  There are groups on there for everything you can imagine and it’s used in by both businesses, individuals…

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