Your Quiz Results Are In!

While we are focused on one broad term for a specific color (red, green, etc.) that may be a great fit for your brand, there are a couple of things you will want to remember.

Women generally prefer lighter shades (some white added) of color and men generally prefer darker shades (some black added) of color.  This can be an important distinction when you consider your target demographic.

You will generally end up selecting three colors for your brand.  One that is used about 60% of the time, one that is used about 30% of the time, and one that is used about 10% of the time - think Call-to-Action type needs.

Depending on the color you landed on here, you'll want to consider colors that look great with it for your other two colors AND reflect the feelings you want for your brand.  To help you select those other two colors, we've provided access to all the color overviews below.

If Your Results Were...