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Be the boss bingo

Be the Boss Bingo:
Motivation During COVID19

“It’s a weird time.” It seems to be the most common phrase I hear nowadays.  Most of us have never experienced anything like this and never thought we would. We are doing our best to cope.  To stay well.  To keep moving. There seems to be another common thread about…

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Your Heart’s Desire

While this isn’t necessarily my normal type of post, we are in the process of creating a new normal here in the world so I felt it was quite relevant.  You may know I have a strong background in the holistic field. I actually used to have a Wellness Center…

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Social media interaction

How Social Media Marketers Can Convert Attention Into Action

Mashable has shared another great article, this one by Brian Solis author of Engage. According to this article around 70% of business are using social media to connect with others but many of these business don’t include measureable goals.  We all know how important measurable goals are to determine what’s…

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Strong brain

Now, Discover Your Strengths

If you are familiar with this book, you will love the new assessment tool that provides a new twist to the concept of operating from your strengths.  I took this quiz, which took about 20 minutes and loved the information it provided.  It wasn’t necessarily news to me but definitely…

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Playing Brand Detective

I came across this great, easy-to-read article about brands you can trust on the Personal Branding Blog website.  Here is an important note before I begin.  Whether you have spent time creating/developing a brand for your business, you have a brand.  It may or may not be a good one,…

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Good idea

What Is A Creative Professional?

A target market should feel like a tight belt but not so tight you can’t breathe.  When I started my rebranding process in January, it was suddenly clear to me that I really enjoyed working with creative professionals.   I love being creative myself and see how much it connects me…

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