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U.S. State Privacy Bills Tracking

Privacy laws are not going away and will continue to get more strict as time goes on. Making sure your policies are up-to-date should be a top priority in your business. Canada, for example, has a bill under consideration where someone will be able to sue a business for simply…

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Declutter Your Inbox with Ease

Gmail, without a doubt, is the most popular email service, putting behind several other email platforms like Yahoo,, etc. It has a quality SPAM filter that works outstandingly, but still we see many SPAM or unwanted emails in the Inbox. Cleaning such emails is a must to ensure we…

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42 Productivity Hacks

I constantly feel like I’m drowning when it comes to productivity.  I get a lot done but always feel like there is room for improvement – especially when it comes to distractions.  I came across this article and thought it was a great list of ideas and thought you might…

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20 Tips for Increasing Your Website Visibility

These are 20 tips to increase your blog’s visibility. Keep it simple.  Focus on the facts and a few eye catching elements. Always think of your visitors when building your site. Create solid Meta Tags and limit how much you repeat words in your Keyword Meta Tag. Use important keywords…

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Connect with Your Readers

Whether you respond to all your comments or not, it’s nice to let your readers know you appreciate them. Consider setting a schedule…maybe once a week, once a month…whatever works best for you (and maybe

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What to Charge Clients

Charging for Your Services

When I first started a business, I read a lot of books about how to do it right.  One of the topics frequently covered was how to set an hourly rate for your services…something many people struggle with, including myself.  In addition to looking at what the market demands, what…

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