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Productivity Day

Productivity Challenge Week Three

How’s it going? We’ve gone two weeks now and hopefully you are seeing an improvement in your productivity already. If not, don’t give up. You’ll find the perfect blend of tips before you know it. For week three, we are going to add one more to the list… Listen to…

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Productivity Challenge Week Two

In our first week’s post we shared a series of productivity tips and recommended selecting one from the list you aren’t currently doing to get started. How did you do? Did you stick with just one? I thought there were a few on there that could work nicely together. I…

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Values Results in Easier Decision

How Sticking to Values Results in Easier Decision-Making

Life is filled with tough decisions! Just when you feel like you’re out of the woods, up pops another thorny choice. There’s very little you can do to avoid difficult decisions, but you can make them easier. The most straightforward approach to facilitate easier decision-making is to focus on values.…

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Taking notes

Productivity Challenge Week One

When I made the leap to become self-employed full-time almost 14 years ago there were a few main reasons I chose this lifestyle. Being my own boss, not having to answer to someone who didn’t share my values, and being able to create my own schedule. What I hadn’t considered…

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Live Your Personal Values and Discover Greater Happiness

Few things are more useful than knowing your values. Knowing your values results in clarity and focus. Your values can be used to define your priorities. These priorities can determine how to best spend your time and energy. Knowing your values can greatly streamline your life and your efforts. Decisions…

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Mental Clarity

7 Simple Tips to Develop Greater Mental Clarity

Ability to think clearly and accurately will never be overrated. Many of us walk around distracted or practically in a daze. This can be due to a variety of factors, including poor diet, a lack of sleep, or even a lack of understanding ourselves and our values. We live lives…

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