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Worrying About Others

As many of you know, my new home has a pond where geese hang out.  The pond in my courtyard doesn’t seem to be as active as the other one in the back, which is closer to the nature center, but it sure gets loud.  The geese out there honk…

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Work team

8 Tips to Find Entrepreneurial Motivation

Entrepreneurial motivation isn’t always easy. You may think that the prospect of making lots of cash would inspire people, but life events do get in the way. You see, without the correct entrepreneurial motivation, things would remain stagnant. It’s important for the individual with this mindset to continue to have…

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The Dreaded Deadline

Deadlines…Sometimes loved and sometimes hated but necessary none-the-less. They keep us on track and also keep everyone on the same page. Not too long ago, I had someone impose a deadline on me that I could not meet. I wasn’t expecting it, got very little notice and it wasn’t around…

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Online Course

12 Tips for Successfully Completing an Online Course

So you’ve decided to take an online course, also known as an ecourse.  Many of us have the best intentions and they seem to fall flat a week or two into the course.  If we are lucky, we may last a bit longer AND if we have some great tools,…

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fulfilled man

Don’t Give Up

Those bloggers who stick with it ultimately win. Be the one who sticks with it.  I know it’s hard when you start.  There’s so much to learn.  So much to do.  Keep plugging away.  Keep learning and growing and getting better and better.  Watch miracles unfold as you do. Looking…

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Women writing

Essential Keys to Productivity

Our lives are filled with interruption and distraction…24/7.  We are trained to multi-task and multi-tasking in the corporate world is often rewarded.  The key to productivity flies in the face of the value of multi-tasking and requires we reduce or eliminate distractions wherever possible.  Here are a few tips: Change…

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