Call to Action: What is Yours?

Do your blog posts have a specific call to action or CTA? We all know what assuming does, right? The same applies to your blog. Look at it as someone landing on the page and having no idea what to do. What do you want them to do? Do you want them to purchase a product or service from you? Do you want them to comment on your post? Do you want them to share via social media? Read a similar post? Tell them what will help you the most. Empower them to take action that will support your goals. Ask for the comment or the share or the purchase (once in a while – don’t turn your blog into a never-ending sales page) and make it clear what they need to do.

On a side note: Never take them off your site with that CTA unless it’s making you money (an affiliate program, for example). Your website is your most valuable real estate. Sending them to a social media site, for example, they are, most likely, going to get sidetracked and lost down the rabbit hole (you know how much is going on just in Facebook!). If you send them off your site, think about why you are doing so (I sometimes write posts about clients and send people to the client’s site as a way of showing my clients some love, for example, and will continue to do so) and then *think twice* before deciding if it’s the right move to make.

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