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Top 8 Tips for Entrepreneurial Motivation

A new business doesn’t get established overnight, so entrepreneurial motivation is essential to long-term success. Staying motivated inspires those who work with you, and it also shows your customers that you are confident in your business. Here are 8 tips to help you stay motivated when your new business faces…

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Living Life as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur Blue Ridge Mountains

Top 9 Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

Lifestyle entrepreneurs are those with a specific lifestyle in mind who build meaningful careers to fit, instead of choosing a career and building a life around it. Here are some lifestyle entrepreneurs you need to know about: Tim Ferriss Tim Ferriss is a 3-time best-selling author who has found wild…

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Lifestyle Entrepreneur

What is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur?

A lifestyle entrepreneur is one who seeks a specific lifestyle or schedule and then builds a career to fit, as opposed to building a lifestyle around a career. With many past generations, the formula has been to first find a career and then to build a lifestyle around it; however,…

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self-care for resilient entrepreneurs

Practicing Self-Compassion for Resilient Entrepreneurs

What is self-compassion and why do you need it? Self-compassion is about acknowledging your human heart. We often think of ourselves, and treat ourselves, like a machine. We push, we ignore our pain, our desires and we persevere through hardships. Sometimes this is necessary, but often it is not. Instead…

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Must Read Books for Entrepreneurial Success

Must Read Books for Entrepreneurial Success by Jack Canfield

Some of you may know I spent a day with Jack Canfield about a week ago.  I’ve been following Jack for about 15 years now and really feel he’s got the right idea when it comes to entrepreneurial success.  Here are three of his books I consider must reads: The…

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What it Takes to Be a Successful Entrepreneur

There is more to being a successful entrepreneur than simply having a great idea. It’s more than taking that idea and building into a business. Being an entrepreneur is a whole-person concept. Let’s talk about some of the most important characteristics of an entrepreneur. What Makes an Entrepreneur? The Investment…

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