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9 Great Marketing Tips

Since I’m feeling a bit in the marketing mode with the release of my new membership program (yay me!!), I thought it would be fun to share a few marketing ideas with you so we can all benefit from them!  Some will be good reminders and others may be ones…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Microsoft 365 For Your Business Email

We’ve known and learned to love web server based email since it was introduced. It was once the essential tool to build a productive organization, but now Microsoft came up with a new set of tools that will not only be helping your business be organized but will also provide…

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person tapping on a G Suite for Business mail

Why G Suite is a Great Solution for Business Email

Whether you’re a small business owner or on the financial team of a large corporation, you realize that finding the best resources can be critical. Note I didn’t say the cheapest. When you find a resource that proves to be excellent and moderately priced, you probably don’t care that it…

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Learning WordPress Basics

What’s WordPress? WordPress is one of the easiest platforms you can use to create a website or blog. It’s so popular that nearly 30% of the web is powered by WordPress and it even powers some big-name brands including Facebook and Vogue. Why Is It a Good Choice? This open…

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laptop drawing with "computer cookies" on the monitor

Save the Milk – You Won’t Need it for these Kinds of Cookies

Cookies have earned a slightly negative reputation in the minds of people, perhaps due to the misuse of information that cookies can provide or just due to the fact that not many people know what cookies are. Maybe you think cookies can transmit a virus to your computer or destroy…

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My Favorite Technique for Entrepreneurial Overwhelm

I’m sure you are familiar with the overwhelm entrepreneurs often feel.   I finally found a technique that works really well for me in addition to some of the traditional ones out there such as decluttering, getting enough sleep, delegating, etc. and I want to share it with you now. Every…

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