Woman Entrepreneur Overwhelmed

8 Tips for Dealing with Entrepreneurial Overwhelm

Overwhelm is a strong feeling you get when you have too much to handle and you feel stressed, anxious and burned out about the situation. Entrepreneurs often have to deal with overwhelm due to several factors such as lack of time, too many projects, no priorities, too much customer demands…

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Increase Focus and Concentration

How to Improve Focus and Concentration

Maintaining focus while at work is a struggle for many. Whether it’s that afternoon slump or getting started in the morning, we all encounter it. So, how to improve focus and concentration at work? Start by trying to identify what’s causing it. Are you tired, hungry, thirsty? Satisfy these basic…

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I'm possible - resiliency for the entrepreneur

Top 12 Ways to Build Resilience as an Entrepreneur

Resilience in business is a skill that can be built and nurtured like any other. While resilience is a trait that many still consider to be an innate attribute, many are wrong. Resilience is literally having the ability to bend without breaking, to rebound. Here are the top 12 ways…

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Maintaining Integrity as a Leader with Bergh Consulting

17 Tips to Maintain Your Integrity as a Leader

To maintain integrity is one of the most important qualities of a leader. Once you’ve lost that, your ability to lead falters. Make sure to keep your promises, as well as communicate them honestly and effectively. A misunderstanding can lead to a loss of integrity if you appear to not…

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Tip Tuesday

Tip Tuesday: YouTube to the Rescue

There are so many great resources on YouTube for WordPress, tools that work nicely with WordPress and motivation for entrepreneurs.  Just do a search for the topic you are wanting to learn and see what pops up.  I recommend adding the current year to your search so you will hopefully…

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Tip Tuesday

Tip Tuesday: Create Unique Landing Pages

Promoting something specific?  Create a landing page for it and direct people right to the landing page.  These will convert better than your home page.

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