creating with canva

Creating Great Graphics Are More Accessible Than Ever!

While there are definitely some factors that play a role in whether you can design your own graphic images for your website and social media, it’s easier today than ever before.  Services like Canva provide templates and tools that allow you to create images in a much shorter period of…

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Truth about Meta Tags and SEO

The Truth About Meta Tags and SEO

What are Meta Tags Meta tags tell search engines about the content on a website.  For 2018, meta tags don’t play a huge role in SEO  but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them all together (more on this coming). As I said, this doesn’t mean you should ignore Meta…

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Blog Post Topic Idea with Bergh Consulting

Terrific Topic Idea: You’re an Animal!

Today’s terrific topic idea is to tell us about what animal you would be if you could be one for a day and why.    

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Morning Pages

Brain Dump

Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, promotes the concept of writing Morning Pages. If you’re not familiar with the concept of Morning Pages; the idea is to write whatever comes to mind for 30 minutes, first thing in the morning. What you write is tucked away and not reviewed…

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Reading by the Lake

Having Trouble Writing? Read

Go read a novel.  Yes, I said go read.  And read aloud.  There is a flow to good writing (novels, in general, are written better) and by spending some time reading, you connect with that flow and get in the creative energy and your writing flow better and the end…

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Movie Popcorn

Tuesday’s Terrific Topic Idea: Favorite Movie?

Today’s terrific topic idea is to write about your favorite movie. When did you see it? How many times have you seen it? What makes it your favorite?  

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