Caution – Do Not Sit On Your Bum

The Value of NetworkingI used to run a in-person networking group.  At one of our meetings, I placed caution tape around all the chairs and we held a little “ribbon” cutting ceremony at 12:15pm when the official meeting was scheduled to start.  Why would I do this?  It’s quite simple.  We all get comfortable and tend to stick within our comfort zones which can be quite dangerous at a networking meeting or event.  The intention is to step out of your box and meet people, to build relationships, to explore opportunities for connection.  It’s much harder to do this when your bum is stuck to a chair.

We had the best meeting ever, in my opinion.  I learned things about other members that I hadn’t learned in the 7 or 8 months I’ve been a member. We talked about Halloween and who likes to be scared.  We talked about continuing education and what fields require it.  We talked about new babies and hunting and all kinds of things that would not have probably come up in conversation without us all standing together and connecting.

For some, this interaction comes easy.  For many others, it doesn’t.  It felt to me like we were all in it together.  Everyone contributing to the conversation.  Everyone being welcomed and included.

So remember this visual the next time you are out networking…”Caution!  Crossing the yellow tape can be hazardous to the success of your business.”

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