Clean Up Those Categories

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I’m currently in the process of cleaning up my categories.  Categories are how visitors find content and tags are how search engines find content.  Once or twice a year, I take a look at what I’ve got and examine…

  • Where are most of my posts falling in terms of categories.
  • Do all the categories still make sense to me.
  • Do they feel good to me.

And then I make some tweaks.  Given that I have over 1,000 posts and have been blogging since 2008, this isn’t an easy task and never quite seems to get completed but I am working hard on it this time and would really like to fully complete it.

Here are a few things I noticed about my own blog categories…

Reflections + Gratitude seems to have become a catch all category.  Not at all odd since that’s how I set it up.  It’s my default category in case I forget to select one.  But a good chunk of my posts would fit in the category.  I do a lot of reflection…a lot!  And I’m very grateful for my life so it’s isn’t necessarily helpful to have a category that almost everything could fit into.

I have a category called Relationships but it was filled with both business, marketing, branding type relationship content as well as personal relationship type content so it didn’t feel like it made a lot of sense.  I’ve broken it into two now…Branding + Marketing for business and Sex + Intimacy for person (intimacy is way more than sex so any personal relationship stuff fits here well).

I also didn’t feel I was blogging enough about WordPress and websites and all that fun stuff and, given that’s what I do for a big part of my business and I do love to share, it made no sense to me.  I realized it was because I was sharing in other ways… that information wasn’t a part of my blog.  Now I’m doing a post a day on blogging and WordPress for the challenge and directing everyone here for the tips.  I love that these great tips have a permanent home AND my love of all things WordPress and blogging are both represented well here.

The category clean up is definitely a work in progress for me but I’m actually enjoying it.  It helps me get really clear in a lot of way about what I’m doing here, in my business and in my life.

How are your categories doing?

PS In case you are wondering, I don’t use tags.  I’m not sure if I ever will but it’s time consuming so I have chosen not to go that extra step.  It definitely plays a role in search engine optimization but it’s one of those things where I understand the “rules” and get to make an educated choice about what works best for me.

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