Color Meaning: Pink

Pink flowers

Pink isn’t just a color; it’s an attitude. ~ Miley Cyrus

The color pink is well-known to represent nurturing, compassion and love. It gives us feelings of understanding, acceptance, giving and receiving.

Pink is a combination of white and red. Red is a fiery color representing action. Red combined with the softness and purity of the color white, give pink its familiar sense of empowerment and passion.

Psychology of color can tell us a lot about what colors make us feel and how they affect us when used for marketing and branding. When we think of the color pink, things like breast cancer awareness, femininity or Barbie may come to mind. This is because of the feminine, empowering effect this color has on us psychologically.

As long as there is pink in the world, it will be a better place. ~ Unknown

Pink dustSome brands like Barbie, T- Mobile, and Victoria’s Secret all make use of the psychology of the color pink. The deeper the color of pink, the more powerful energy it exudes. Softer pinks tend to have the opposite effect. A lighter shade of pink can give off feelings of romance, affection, thoughtfulness and caring.

Pink can also be very insightful and intuitive. It is great when used as a color to display signs of empathy and sensitivity. It’s also perfect when used to express kindness and tenderness.

Psychology of color shows us that pink is best used as a sign of hope. That would explain why pink is such a successful color when used for breast cancer awareness. It is able to convey the feeling of hope and empowerment, while still retaining its feminine qualities.

Pink wallPink is a calming color.  It can alleviate feelings of anger and sadness, while physically calming the nerves. This is great for lifting a person’s mood and giving them an overall sense of physical health and wellbeing.

The psychology of the color pink reminds of us of the sweetness and child-like innocence that is within us all. It is a color that represents uncomplicated emotions, passion and hope.

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