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Why should I have my site cared for?

Doing updates, backups and scans are an important part of having a WordPress website.  These all work together to keep your site, your visitors and the server safe and secure.  The search engines also like to see sites that are maintained regularly and it will help with your search engine optimization (SEO). 

Before offering care plans, I'd frequently have clients tell me they'd take care of these pieces themselves but we quickly both discovered that they preferred to focus on what they loved doing and it wasn't taking care of the ongoing needs of their website.  And that's where we stepped up and started giving our clients peace of mind.

Do you care for sites you are not hosting?

Absolutely!  While we encourage you to take advantage of our free hosting (see details on our WP Care Plan page), you are free to host anywhere.  If you are not wanting to host with us, we do require access to your hosting account via cPanel to be able to address issues, should they pop up. We reserve the right to decline working with some hosting companies or charging additional fees.

How do I send you login type information more securly?

Quick Forget is a great resource that allows you to send sensitive information that will disappear shortly after you send it, based on the settings you choose.  You simply enter your information in the box.  Click SAVE MY SECRET and then a new page will pop up with a link.  Copy and paste that link into an email or text message and send.  No need to do anything else.  Although you can change the timing, by default the information will disappear after 2 views or 24 hours, whichever comes first.

How can I easily send you a screenshot?

Screenshots are so helpful, particularly when troubleshooting.  This site, Snipboard, offers an easy way to grab what you need.  No need to download anything to your computer and instructions are included for both PC and Mac.

Why Bergh Consulting?

You can find other companies out there offering similar services, it's true.  We offer premium services at an affordable price for non-techies like yourself.  We also offer premium themes and plugins as well as free hosting (see details on our WP Care page) as a part of our WP Care plans at no extra charge.

We are passionate about bringing peace to an otherwise stressful part of your business.  We absolutely love what we do and we do it so you can focus on what you love to do.

Do you offer monthly payments for your WP Care Plans?

We do offer monthly plans for our care plans.  

Do you offer phone support?

We keep our prices pretty lean by providing email or through our website here.  Customer service is a priority for us and responses are prompt and friendly.  If you don't get a response right away, there may be a chance we didn't receive your email.  Please reach out again.

What happens if we exceed our WP Care Plan limit?

Exceeding your plan limit is no problem.  We'll simply have you upgrade to a more suitable plan for your needs.

My site has been hacked, can you help?

We sure can!  Each of our WP Care Plans comes with up to 60 minutes of malware repair.  If it takes longer than 60 minutes, we have time packages available for purchase.

Is a contract required for your WP Care plans?

All plans are contracted and paid for on an annual basis.  Once payment is made, there are no refunds. 

Can I set up an Out Of Office/Vacation Message for My Email?

While we don't offer these services with your web-based email, most third party email clients such as Gmail or Outlook offer these services within their system.  Gmail is found under Settings at the bottom of the General tab.  Outlook is likely found under File > Info.  If these don't seem correct for your system, please reach out to the support available for your software.