Delegate 24/7

Delegate 24/7

Get the support you need and...

  • Stop trying to do it all
  • End the overwhelm
  • Lose the guilt over unfinished tasks
  • Save time (what's your time worth??)
  • Save money
  • Scale your business and your income


I've been in business for over 13 years and the one thing I regret is not delegating early on.  I've made a lot of mistakes but this is the only one I really regret.

Experts all said how important it was and I was too afraid.  I didn't know what to delegate.  I'd had issues supervising others in the past.  I didn't know how I could pay someone else when I was in a constant state of survival mode myself.

I realize now what a difference delegating could have made for me. I think back to...

  • those 5 weeks (yes, 5 weeks) I was completely unable to work due to illness,
  • the time I've lost learning something I didn't want to do in the first place but needed to get done,
  • that passion project I just didn't have the time or energy to put into it,
  • the dinners I've missed with family because I had "one more thing to take care of" before I could stop for the day,
  • and the overall lack of direction I've felt over the years because I was too busy working IN my business to work ON my business.

I love that now, with the help of my Virtual Assistants,

  • things are getting done,
  • I'm working more in my genius zone,
  • I'm taking longer vacations without worry,
  • and I don't have to stress about getting sick and not being able to work.

I know that everything will be okay because...

I have an amazing team supporting my growth and success!

Working harder for more hours won't get you closer to freedom.

Choose a Plan that's Best for You!

Tickets are for simple content edits on your website that can be done in less than 30 minutes and don’t require advanced skills*. This is a great affordable way to keep your site current and SEO-friendly.

Best suited for when you need design, development, troubleshooting, strategy, consulting or training.  Time can be used for any of these services.

If you are ready to onboard your very own Virtual Assistant, we've got you covered.  Affordable rates and support with the process make this one of the best opportunities out there.

Our Team
Does What They Love

"I enjoy being a virtual assistant because I have a schedule that works well for me and I like the flexibility of working from anywhere."

Our Clients Love Having Much Needed Support

"Having a Virtual Assistant has given me the opportunity to focus more on my business and work less in my business - a much needed shift."

Everyone is Happy

Find peace in your process and spend the extra time with your family and friends.

No Hidden Fees Or Long-Term Contracts
Personally Match You With the Support You Need
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