Delete Unused Images from Your Website with Ease


When you are blogging as long as I have been, it’s impossible to avoid ending up with images you are not using on your site. Sometimes they are loaded up with the intention of using them but you never do. Sometimes they are used in a blog or on a page and then that post or page is deleted but the image is left behind.

There are plugins that will search images from the database and try to find it on every Post and Page if one image has one reference in this either post or page native to WordPress or if any reference is found, the plugin will tell you that the image is used.  You must know, though, that these are not always reliable and it may identify images that should NOT be deleted.  Always do it in small batches.

As always, use a plugin like this with caution and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS create a backup before using it at all.

Removing unused images will save space on your server, make backups and other processes run faster, keep your site more secure and stable, and make it easier to find something in your media library when needed.

Here are a few options for you:

Media Cleaner: Clean your WordPress!

One Approach

Three Options

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