The Down & Dirty of Business Email

Checking Emails with Bergh ConsultingYour email is an important part of your business.  It’s one of the best and most common ways we stay in contact with our customers/clients.  As a service to our hosting clients, we provide email along with their website hosting.  Here are a few reminders regarding this service:

  • Only support for server-related issues* are included in your hosting package.  Additional support is available for some issues for an additional fee.
  • Server space for email is very limited.  Email must be run through a third party email client (gmail, outlook, etc.) using POP3 and cannot be stored on the server (there is a setting in your third party email client set up to designate this piece).  If you don’t set up your email this way, you run the risk of emails bouncing due to lack of available space.
  • If you request a forward be set up for your email, you’ll need to go in and regularly delete emails on the server or you will run out of space.  If you would like us to manage this for you, please let us know.  We’d be happy to provide you with this service and can send pricing information to you.


  • Website hosting is really for website hosting and it requires a completely different system and functionalities.  Providing a top quality email system is not their priority.  They provide space.  This means that as technology is improved, it is done so by way of what is required to host a website, not improving the email system.
  • Website hosting is not always reliable as much as we’d like it to be.  Our plans are limited to 3 email addresses but we frequently get requests for more than the 3 included in our packages.   The more email addresses attached to the site, the more strain that has on a server.  This can impact reliability of both the email itself and the website.
  • If your site goes down, so does your email.
  • Migrating email is difficult.  If a site needs to be moved to a different server, it can cause issues with the email.
  • You really want your hosting provider to be really good at hosting your website and providing the best service possible in that area.  Email is an entirely different skillset and, while most hosting providers can do some basic troubleshooting and handle basic tasks for set up, we aren’t experts in the area of email.


  • Log into your webmail.  Go to, use your full email address and the password assigned.  The password is one that you received with your new site or what you’ve changed it to if you’ve updated it at any point.  There is no way to see what it is so keep the information in a safe space.  The only option is to reset it if you don’t remember it which means any third party clients you are using (such as Apple mail, gmail, outlook, etc.) will need to be reconnected with the new password.
  • Send yourself an email using a different email address and see if it leaves the system.  If it does, the sending is working fine.  If it seems to leave but you get an error message.
  • Send yourself an email using a different email address and see if it arrive.  If it does, the receive is working fine.  If the email you send from gets an error message back, see below under error message.

If you are able to send and receive and it shows up both times, the server is good.  Any other troubleshooting would be an additional fee and is somewhat limited as to what we can do.


If you receive an error message, you can review the message and most of it will be confusing but in the message, it will say why it was rejected.  I find it often says things like “inbox full” or “email address doesn’t exist” which is usually due to a typo or it might say the person’s email you were sending to rejected it for a reason on their end.  These are just a few examples but please try to read the error message to see if you can remedy the situation easily on your end.  If you aren’t sure what the error message means, try typing it into Google and see if you can find an answer that way.


We have partnered with an email expert to provide you with outstanding email service.  They offer both Outlook 365 and G Suite for businesses and are partners with both Microsoft and Google.  Being a partner means they have direct access for support with these systems.  These are both superior systems and these companies are offering robust email systems.  The clients who have selected these options for their email have not had any issues with their emails.

If you are interested in more information or would like to take the plunge and move over to one of these systems (we’ll figure out which one will best fit your needs), contact me today.

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