We tend to avoid discomfort at all costs. In fact, it’s the biggest limiting factor for most of us. If you could handle discomfort better, you would never procrastinate, never quit a diet, exercise every day, and complete everything you ever wanted to accomplish.

Follow this process to become more comfortable with discomfort and set yourself free:

• Start with something that’s difficult, but not too challenging

• Continue to push a little further the next time. Each time you work through a little more discomfort, it gets easier.

• When the going gets rough, take a deep breath and force yourself to smile

• Observe your discomfort. By simply observing and not becoming emotionally involved with your discomfort, you’ll likely notice that your discomfort lessens.

• Push through a little discomfort. Avoid letting yourself quit anything the first time you get the urge to stop.

• Start slowly. You can always add a little bit of time or extra challenge each week.