My Three Favorite Things


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I’m in a special little group on Facebook full of wonderful people who support each other. Shortly after I joined, the facilitator of the group, Chris Brogan, posed a question. He asked about the three favorite things we always have at our desk when we work. The answers were fun and interesting and it had me reflecting on my “must haves” when I work…the things that make all the difference in the world in how inspired I feel.

When you feel inspired, it’s so much easier to write.

My favorite things are:

A great pen. Someone told me once that everyone should have a great pen. I went out and spent $100 on one. I loved that pen and it was really the start of noticing everything about my writing utensils. I’ve bought a few nice pens over the years but know that they don’t have to be expensive for me to love them. It’s all about the grip and how the ink dances on the paper. Even when I’m working on the computer, I have to have a pen handy for notes.

A water. Previously, more of a soda drinker but water has become more of a staple in my diet. It’s the first thing I make sure is on my desk before I sit down.

A window with a view. Mine is of a pond, often filled with birds…from seagulls to blue herons. From green herons to geese (70+ at one time last summer) to ducks…young and old. They are all so fun to watch.

These inspire me. What inspires you? What are your three “must haves?”

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