Find the Best Name for Your New Project

One of the foundational pieces of being successful with your online marketing is to make sure you use the same name across all your platforms. screenshot

Whether this is for your business as a whole or a project you are working on, the ideal is to have your user name be the same regardless of platform.  This can be challenging and time-consuming if you have to visit each platform to check and then strategize possibilities if you first choice doesn’t work out.  Thankfully, a site has been created that allows you to easily check across all platforms at one time.  Namecheck offers this service free of charge!

Why is it important to use the same name across platforms?

  • Using the same name creates a consistent brand which makes it easier for your fans, clients and target market to find you.
  • Not only does it make it easier but it also helps people to know it’s actually YOU they’ve found, not someone else with a similar name.  You don’t want them following someone else because they were confused.
  • It’s also easier for you to remember and share on your website, business card or other marketing material.  You’re much less likely to make an error in the process.

Do you currently have the same name across platforms?  If not, have you considered updating them.

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