Finding Ease and Grace through a Prosperity Mindset

On Fridays, my daughter works from home so we are here together and usually get something for lunch. Today I decided to drive over to our favorite Poké restaurant which doesn’t deliver. I was in a hurry because she had a call scheduled which limited our lunchtime. I rarely drive anymore so it’s been a long time since I engaged in one of my favorite practices…asking for an awesome parking spot. I ask “my peeps” to start their magic and have one waiting for me once I’m on my way.

This technique never fails. People are constantly amazed that it actually seems to work for me but it does. I can’t explain it…I just know it works.

As I was pulling out of the driveway I started thinking about how busy the little strip mall area is on a Friday at lunch time and panicked a bit about finding a parking spot and/or waiting in line to order our food.

And then I remembered. I asked my peeps to start their magic and have a front row spot waiting for me on arrival.

I pulled into the parking lot, rounded the corner and…no spots. And then it happened…a car started to pull out of the spot directly in front of the restaurant. I didn’t even have to wait for them to leave the spot…I was able to just drive right into it as they left.

Amazing, right!

And then no line inside the restaurant. I was able to get our food and make it home in record time.

All because I set an intention and asked for help.

This technique has always worked in other areas of my life including my business. When I get clear and make my ask, I always end up with what I wanted or better. It doesn’t always look like I thought it would but it always happens.

What are you wanting to create in your life? Give these steps a try.

  1. Get clear on what you want. Write it down.
  2. Now, focusing on that desire, imagine how you’ll feel when it shows up. This is what you really want…how you believe this desire will make you feel inside.
  3. Spend some time focusing on those feelings. Think about other times in your life when you felt this way.
  4. Now, make your request. Ask for what you desire. Continue focusing on those feelings and watch it happen.

I recommend this process because, in my case, I’m not actually wanting a parking spot. I want ease and flow and synchronicity in my life. The parking space is just a physical manifestation of those feelings. I don’t mind the walk but I do love seeing things show up with grace in my life.

What is it you want? Let’s get started today.