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Some of use our own photos or buy photos are try to find free ones on the internet.  It can be a challenge to find what you need and keep it affordable.  Here are some links where you can find some free images (but always check their terms as I don’t guarantee how they can be used or that their terms won’t change – it’s simply a list that’s been compiled by myself and a few others over time).  Enjoy! (make sure you’re searching Creative Commons / requires attribution though)


Here’s a bonus tip…

reuse google imagesGoogle images has a nice feature for finding images you can re-use legally.  If you click on SEARCH TOOLS and then click on the USAGE RIGHTS, you will get a drop down menu and be able to select the option that says the images are okay to reuse and that will filter only usable images.  If you haven’t used the SEARCH TOOLS in Google images, I highly recommend it for both getting a great size image and images in the colors that would look best on your site.

Got a site that isn’t listed here or a favorite on this list?  Share below!  Notice a broken link?  Be sure to let us know!
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