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Well, that depends on how you define free.  I first should point out that what I’m about to share does NOT apply to all free themes.   I would be comfortable downloading a free theme from WordPress directly but that’s about it and here’s why.

I sent out a quick tweet the other day and someone shared that they had no idea that it isn’t safe to use a free theme you find on the internet so I thought it might be a good idea to share in more detail.  While I wish the world was only full of great people with good intentions, unfortunately, that isn’t the case.   The world also has it’s share of not-so-good to downright evil.  Some of these exist in the world of technology.

These individuals create free themes for WordPress and then hide code in them that is filled with spyware and keyloggers that are tracking your every move and taking your personal information to use for less than positive reasons.  That’s why the theme is free – to entice you to put it on your computer so they can get what they want from you.

Now, as I said in the beginning, not all free themes are created equal and maybe just simply great themes for free but is it worth the risk?  It isn’t to me and I hope it isn’t to you either.  If you are hiring someone to do your site, make sure they are not sending you out onto the internet to find a theme and that they aren’t getting their themes this way either.  Spend a few dollars and protect your information.  You stand to lose a lot more than a theme would cost in time and money dealing with an infected computer or a loss of identity.

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