Adding Your MX Records For Zoho Email Into Google Domains

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We’ve created a short video on how to easily add multiple mx records in Google Domains (or any other registrar giving you trouble). View the video below or by following the link.

If you’re having trouble, please watch the video if you find that helpful or follow the written instructions below.

Name = @
Type = MX
TTL = 1H
Data = *items below* make sure you have a space after the first set of numbers, before the first letter, and press the plus symbol to add more lines like I’ve displayed below.


Hey! I thought I’d do a quick video here. Michele with “Bergh Consulting”, on entering your “MX Records” for your email settings within your domain. In other registrars, I’ve always been able to add more than one. There’s usually three to five and you can see here that there are three, that I needed to enter. And I’m using Google domains here. When I tried to enter the second and third one, i was getting messages that they were already used even though they do actually read differently than the first one, that I entered, which was this one right here.

So if you’re having trouble in your domain registrar, this might be why and here is the solution. So we have just these fields here and you want to find the MX Record and you want to add the priority first and then a “space” and then in this case, it was this and there’s a little “+ sign” over here to the side you want to go ahead and click that.

So you’re going to add all of your records at one time and then they will accept them. You’re not going to get a message about needing to do something that isn’t already in use.  So this is actually supposed to be “50” but I’m not really adding them. So you add your priority, then leave a space and then leave the MX record that you need. And I’ve already got these in here so, it’s not going to work but if I didn’t have them in here I would click “add” and I would be good to go.

If you screw any of them up you can always just delete them, just like I did there. So hopefully you find that helpful. There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like something should be simple and work and have it not be that way. So good luck! Thank you for watching. 

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