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Storage Facility This article came from a course we created and I thought it would be helpful here as well.

When developing a website, it may seem like you are making changes but they just aren’t sticking. This can be really frustrating for everyone. If you know you’ve made a change and it isn’t showing up, it’s likely due to caching. Caching is a way of storing information so that a page will load faster and there are many layers.

  • Your internet provider caches the content you view while using your data plan or wifi.
  • Your browser caches the content you view.
  • The tools used to build your website have a cache system.
  • The host server caches the content you view.
  • And so on…many layers.

While it can be very helpful in the big picture for you, your visitors and the companies doing the caching, it’s a pain when you are trying to develop. Here is a video we did on the topic along with an audio version.

Audio Only from Video
What The Heck is Caching Blog Post
We also did a second video on caching using the built-in tools on SiteGround. The tools we focused on are available to every website on SiteGround BUT the ones where we mentioned needing to go and make some adjustments in the back end/server space, these are only available to higher levels of hosting and may or may not be available for your website.


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