How to Select a Domain Name

A hand is pressing the "select" button on a keyboard to choose a domain name.

Transcript Welcome everybody. I am Michele with Bergh Consulting, and I’m here to do a quick little video for you on how to select a domain name. That’s a question that I get asked a lot by clients and potential clients and can… There are going to be a lot of back and forth trying…

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Resources for Identifying the Right Color for Your Brand

A close up image of a colorful background that provides creative inspiration for color palettes.

Colors hold a lot of meaning and you’ll want to choose them wisely. Whether you have a business or not, you can use color to communicate who you are. A colleague of mine has a touch of orange in her clothing because it’s her primary brand color. You may want to come up with a…

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The Meaning of Color

A close up of vibrant paint on a canvas, providing creative inspiration.

We have several posts on our blog to help you with selecting a color for your brand.  Here are just a few: Color Meaning:  Pink Color Meaning: Purple Color Meaning:  Orange Find more by using our search feature on the blog and search for Color Meaning. Here’s a website as well you may find useful:…

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Color Palettes for Creative Inspiration in Your Business

A business image showcasing a circular color palette for creative inspiration.

We have several blog posts on this topic which you can find by doing a search for color palettes or a search for color psychology.  Here are a few posts you may enjoy: 8 Black Color Palettes for Creative Inspiration 8 Pink Color Palettes for Creative Inspiration 8 Blue Color Palettes for Creative Inspiration 8…

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