Checking Entries in Gravity Forms

A person typing on a keyboard while checking Gravity Forms entries.

Transcript Hey, Michele here with Bergh Consulting and in this video we’re going to talk about gravity forms and the entries that come into forms that you have on your website. So in an ideal world when someone fills out that form, they’re going to get a confirmation for the filling out the form. And…

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What’s Up With Those Spammy Form Entries on My Website?!

A woman is sitting at a desk, working on a website on her laptop.

Transcript Hi, it’s Michele with Bergh Consulting, and I wanted to do a quick video about contact forms. We are seeing an increase internet wide, not just with myself or my clients, in people using contact forms, similar to this one here on your screen to advertise their own services. So they’re filling out their…

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Overview of Gravity Forms Form Creator

Gravity Forms is a comprehensive Form Creator that allows you to build and manage forms effortlessly.

This video gives you a general overview of Gravity Forms along with some very helpful (and important) tips. Modified Transcript of Video Please Note: This transcript as been modified to remove only text that isn’t relevant to the overview itself (like ums, saying hi, thank you for watching, and cleaning up text to make more…

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