The Media Library – Alt Text and Titles

How to add alt text and titles to the images in your media library.

Transcript Hi, this is Michele with Bergh Consulting. Thanks for joining me today. In this video, we’re going to talk about the alt text primarily for the images that you add on your website. For purposes of this video, I’m in the backend of my website and I’m doing that on purpose. There’s a few…

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SEO Dictionary

A person is holding an open book and pointing to a page. This description is relevant for SEO purposes as it includes the keywords "keywords" and "description.

This dictionary is not to overwhelm you but to give you a place to get information, should you need it.   You don’t need to know all these terms to be able to create quality SEO for your site. 0-9 301 Redirect A way to make one web page redirect the visitor to another page. Whenever…

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The Ins and Outs of SEOPress

SEOPress logo on a blue background.

As a part of any of our care plans, you are able to get the pro version of SEOPress, a great alternative to Yoast (the one you frequently hear about).  We made the move to this one due to cost, usability, and frequent recommendations by those in the community a few years ago and have…

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