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Hey, Michele here with Bergh Consulting and in this video we’re going to talk about gravity forms and the entries that come into forms that you have on your website. So in an ideal world when someone fills out that form, they’re going to get a confirmation for the filling out the form. And you are also going to get a notification that you’ve got a new entry on one of your forms. Now, unfortunately, that doesn’t always come through because as it’s hitting its points, the email notification as it’s hitting points, once it leaves the website to get to your email it goes through a complete routing system there’s multiple kind of checkpoints. Somewhere along the way, it’s getting flagged as spam and it never hits your email.

It’s not really an issue with the website, but it is an issue just the deliverability and it’s because it can tell that your website is on a different server than your email, which is something that a lot of spam filters will pick up. So we can do a couple of things to tighten that up and hopefully improve the deliverability of those emails. But I always suggest coming into the backend of your website on a regular basis and checking to see if you have new entries.

Now, I’m on the back end of my website here and so it might look a little different because I have different things on my site. But the directions to get there in case that is helpful for you is under forms. You have a couple different options. I generally prefer just to go to the forms spot because I have a lot of forms. If you don’t have very many, it might be just as easy to go to entries. I’ll show you both ways and you can pick the way that works the best for you. So when you’re looking at all the forms that you have, they’re in a list here and you can look under the one that you want to look at and click on entries and it’s going to show you all of the entries that you have.

They’re going to be bolded until you look at them and mark them as red. I do suggest making sure that they’re marked red, also maybe deleting them after you’ve dealt with them so there isn’t confusion about what’s been handled and what hasn’t been. If you come straight into the entries which is where we are now looking at the one form, you should look up here for the form that you need. So you just pick the form you want and it’ll show you the entries for that form.

If you are not getting your emails, you can let me know and we can talk about what it would look like to upgrade the system so that we have some additional pieces in place to help with that. Most people get them just fine, but it is becoming just a growing issue. So if you are having trouble and you want to look at that upgrade, we can do so. Otherwise, you always come in here and check your entries and handle them from this place instead of in your email. If you have any questions, as always let me know. I’m happy to help. Hopefully this was helpful and I will see you in the next video. Thanks for joining me.

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